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Innovation and Product Development 

Technoviz research confirms that clients see the “how” of innovation and product development as their biggest challenge. Technoviz Innovation and Product Development helps clients bring innovative ideas to market more successfully while creating sustainable cost and capital efficiencies. 

Technoviz’s Innovation and Product Development (IPD) services cover the end-to-end spectrum of the product and service life cycle, from discovery and execution to the commercialization and termination.

Our suite of offerings is organized around the end-to-end Technoviz IPD process model, supported by proven performance diagnostics and a compelling business case. Our solutions span innovation (doing things appropriately and increasing the value of the innovation portfolio), through the entire product development process (fast, efficient and repeatable operations and execution), and on to downstream support (necessary to maximize profit throughout the lifecycle).

Technoviz believes that superior global product development and support capabilities will become a key differentiator of corporate financial performance. With over 25 years of experience working across geographies and industries, we have helped leading companies to improve their end-to-end innovation and product development performance and boost profitable growth from their IPD investments. This experience combined with the diversity of our team’s background, ranging from marketing to R&D, industrial design and engineering, brings an unparalleled ability to identify key levers for growth and productivity and to work alongside our clients to execute the changes required to realize success.

Our Innovation and Product Development group focuses on providing management consulting services that fit within the context of broad business transformations initiatives, systems integration projects and engineering outsourcing programs.

  • Innovation and Product Development Diagnostics. Provides clients with an objective view of their IPD performance and critical capabilities and defines a clear course of action to enable profitable growth from IPD investment.
  • R&D or Innovation Performance Improvement or Transformation. Drives structural improvements and builds the capabilities and operating model required to achieve competitive advantage in the end-to-end IPD process, thus ensuring the sustained flow of relevant and differentiated products and services innovations into the marketplace.
  • Engineering Performance Improvement or Transformation, whether working on focused projects aimed at addressing specific challenges such as product cost management, complexity management , new technology enablement, embedded software development or transforming the engineering function toward a global delivery network.
  • Product Life Cycle Management (PLM). The data and process backbone to help clients achieve truly integrated, cross-functional and end-to-end product life cycle management, holistically boosting market success, speed to market and fulfillment efficiencies.
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